Mylene Mariette – new member to the School / CIE

Mylene MarietteDr Mylene Mariette starts her Alfred Deakin fellowship this Wednesday and will be working with Kate Buchanan on the social behaviour of wild zebra finches across arid zones and tropical Australia. Mylene’s work will address hormonal control of reproductive readiness and seasonal changes in behaviour and physiological in predictable and unpredictable climates. Mylene’s recent paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society showed the importance of endocrine responses in controlling future behavioural interactions and reproductive success in this same species, in captive populations. This study was recently covered by the BBC.

We all welcome Mylene and wish her well at the start of this fellowship. 

Mylene will be located in room ka5.138 (Matt Berg/Raoul Ribot’s office), Geelong campus. Please feel free to go and introduce yourself to Mylene.