Steffen Hahn & Silke Bauer – new visiting academics to the School / CIE

Steffen HahnDr Steffen Hahn is currently at the Department of Bird Migration, Swiss Ornithological Institute, Switzerland.

Scientific background: Ecologist (mainly ornithology) with special interest in migration ecology, stable isotope ecology and (new) avian malaria in long-distance migrants.

Steffen will spend his sabbatical for 6 months at Deakin, Cooperating with B. Buttemer & M. Klaassen. His research project is: determination of effects of avian malaria infection on metabolic performance in sparrows. 


Silke BauerDr Silke Bauer is currently at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and sciences, Netherlands Department of Bird Migration, Swiss Ornithological Institute, Switzerland. 

Silke’s primary research interest is the ecology and evolution of migratory behaviour, its drivers and determinants, the individual decisions that organisms make before and during migration and how these influence their future fate. She typically use various theoretical approaches, ranging from dynamic optimisation models to simple conceptual models.

During her sabbatical at CIE & Deakin, she will investigate the specific role of migratory animals in the dispersal of parasites and how they might alter the spatio-temporal dynamics of diseases. She will also investigate potential mechanisms and consequences of infections on migratory behaviour using migration models and how the interactions between parasite and migratory hosts influences the dynamics and spread of diseases using network models.

Let us all welcome Steffen & Silke to the CIE!