The migratory paths of the flatback sea turtle have been mapped by a satellite tracking study – New paper in ‘Marine Biology’ by Kellie L. Pendoley, Gail Schofield, Paul A. Whittock, Daniel Lerodiaconou, Graeme C. Hays

Flatback Sea Turtle
Source: Wikipedia

The establishment of protected corridors linking the breeding and foraging grounds of many migratory species remains deficient, particularly in the world’s oceans.

According to Professor Graeme Hays this is the first extensive study of its kind on flatback turtles, using satellite tracking.

The flatback marine turtle (Natator depressus) is endemic to the continental shelf of Australia, yet information is not available about how this species uses the marine area.

In this latest work the team used a geospatial approach to delineate a coastal corridor from 73 adult female flatback postnesting migratory tracks from four rookeries along the north-west coast of Australia.

Read all about it in Australian Geographic – “Flatback turtle migration routes mapped

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