The effects of harvesting yabbies – Associate Professor Pete Biro and a local yabby farmer collaborate on a project of mutual benefit

Common Yabby
Source: Wikipedia

Associate Professor Pete Biro from the Centre for Integrative Ecology and Otway Yabbies owner Stephen Chara had been in talks for some time about joining forces on projects of mutual benefit.

The two small yabby ponds were excavated, at no cost, by Patrick O’Reilly, Ertech project manager, and will be used by Biro and his team to determine how the genetic pool of yabbies was affected if only the largest specimens were harvested.

According to Biro his laboratory research had already found a close association between behaviour and growth rate.

This collaboration will provide a great opportunity, for all sides involved, in further understanding the best way of preserving the genetic pool of yabbies.

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