CIE Movement Ecology Forum – Most relevant to CIE PhD students

CIE movement ecology forumWe would like to remind you again about our CIE Movement Ecology Forum.

The forum was created to help you during your PhD with content that will mainly be posted by students.

In order to improve the forum we added a couple of boards to the site (i.e. News, Papers of interest, and Useful Scripts), so feel free to take a look and post whatever you like.

Please also share your last publications, so other animal movement PhD students will know what you are doing. It’d be great if we can start getting more communication between campuses and that starts with knowing what everyone is up to.

What we also would like to create is a small database of R code tutorials, to help you on your data processing. The best way to do it would be to post a request on the forum depending on your needs. You can also share your interesting codes you already wrote.

For those who wondered if you can have a RSS Feed option on the forum, the answer is YES.

The forum is also accessible via (top menu: News => HDR Student Forum).

See you on the forum,
The CIE Movement Ecology Forum Team