The finalists of the 2014 Eureka Prizes – Mallee Fire and Biodiversity Project

Eureka Prizes 2014The finalists of the 2014 Eureka Prizes have just been announced including La Trobe and Deakin University’s Mallee Fire and Biodiversity Project Team. The winners will be announced on September 10.

The Mallee Fire and Biodiversity Project was a large, four-year collaborative project which commenced in March 2006. Prof. Andrew Bennett & Dr Dale Nimmo from the CIE are part of the team.

Mallee fire

The project aimed to identify the properties of habitat mosaics produced by fire that enhance the persistence and status of a broad range of taxonomic groups (birds, mammals, reptiles, key invertebrates and plants) in eucalypt-dominated mallee habitats across three states (VIC, SA, NSW).

Further reading about the project is available @ Burnoff policies could be damaging habitats for 100 years