CIE Spotlight: Fairy penguins love a little synchronised swimming and they like to forage as a group by Maud Berlincourt (PhD candidate, CIE, Deakin Uni)

Maud Berlincourt
Maud B.

Even though little penguins have been studied for a long time and people think we know a lot about them, there is still a lot to discover. Foraging behaviour at sea of little penguins (Eudyptula minor) was unknown to researchers until today.

Research was undertaken by PhD candidate Maud Berlincourt, Deakin University, (supervisor: Assoc Prof John Arnold)  shows that little penguins forage in groups to herd prey. The study provides scientists with valuable behavioural information that may help preserve the species and their habitat.

The use of satellite tracking and a computer code, developed by Berlincourt to analyse the data, allowed the researchers to identify whether the birds were alone or in groups while foraging.

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