AN ADDITIONAL CIE SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENT: CIE Seminar Series 2014 – Fish Environmental Immunology: from populations to molecules

Brian DixonSPEAKER: Professor Brian Dixon, Department of Biology, University of Waterloo, Canada
DATE: Wednesday, 24th September 2014
LOCATION: Warrnambool Campus, Room B3.03
TIME3:00 pm
Seminar will also be video linked to the following campuses: Melbourne Campus at Burwood, Room B2.20 (Blue Room) and Geelong Campus at Waurn Ponds, Room ka5.321

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Since completing his PhD in Biology at Dalhousie in 1993, Prof Dixon has studied various aspects of immunity in many species of fishes and frogs.

One of his most significant contributions have been made in discovering key fish immune system genes and examining how environmental conditions, particularly temperature modulate immune function.

This research has defined the process of antigen presentation in teleost fish. It has also been used to understand population dynamics of several fish species, especially sentinel species for climate change such as Arctic charr and also to improve practices in aquaculture, especially culture of organic Chinook salmon.

Prof Dixon’s research in pesticide effects on frog immunity was used to implement a pesticide ban in the province of Ontario.

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