CIE Spotlight: Australian crimson rosellas might hold key to solving a deadly bird virus, Deakin research finds

Justin E.
Justin E.

A team from Deakin’s Centre for Integrative Ecology (CIE) and the School of Medicine spent eight years studying the Crimson Rosella and its subspecies across NSW, Victoria and South Australia, watching the birds evade fatality from the Beak and Feather Disease virus.

According to Deakin CIE PhD student Justin Eastwood, who did much of the work on the research project, the bird’s vibrant colours could in fact be linked to the virus.

Dr Mathew Berg, CIE researcher and project author, said the research would have implications for wildlife monitoring and captive breeding programs of the world’s 350 parrot species- about 25 per cent of which are at risk of global extinction.

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