Great news for CIE members in Australian Research Council (ARC) outcomes

Australian Research Council (ARC)Congratulations to three CIE members (Deakin, School of Life & Environmental Sciences) on their success with the latest ARC outcomes.

The ARC grants are considered to be very competitive grants and this is to show the high quality of their work.

ARC Discovery grants:

  • Professor John Endler – Experimental evolution of trait interactions under changed environments
  • Professor Guang Shi – Size matters: evolution of body size of species in deep time

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA):

  • Dr Lee Rollins – Genetic and epigenetic drivers of the Australian cane toad invasion
John E., Guang S and Lee R.
John E.                                      Guang S.                                            Lee R.

A big thank you to all CIE members who took the the time and effort in applying to the ARC grants. We wish you all success in the future!