CIE Seminar Series 2014 – Eradication of invasive birds from tropical oceanic islands: lessons from Common Mynas Acridotheres tristis

Chris FeareSPEAKER: Professor Chris Feare, Wildwings Bird Management, Guildford, UK
DATE: Friday, 21st November 2014
LOCATION: Geelong Campus at Waurn Ponds, Room ka4.207
TIME: 2:00 pm
Seminar will also be video linked to the following campuses: Melbourne Campus at Burwood, Room LT5 (B3.07) and Warrnambool Campus, Room J2.20

ABSTRACT: While eradication of invasive mammals from islands is now almost routine, with well-established protocols, methodologies for the eradication of birds lags far behind.

The Common Myna has been introduced to oceanic islands throughout the tropics and studies on Indian and Atlantic Ocean islands are beginning to suggest promising tactics and highlighting problems, centred largely on human attitudes and resourcing.

BIO: Chris Feare has studied the management of birds that conflict with man’s interests or are exploited by man in many parts of the world but especially in the Indian Ocean.

Current work centres on the sustainable exploitation of Sooty Tern eggs in Seychelles and the problems caused by, and eradication of, various introduced birds that conflict with conservation of endangered endemic birds on those islands.

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