2015 PhD scholarships at Deakin University (School of Life and Environmental Sciences) to undertake studies in sustainable regional development

Deakin WordlyClimate change will result in new imperatives for agriculture and associated economic activities to adapt or transform, depending on their context. Recent research by Deakin University has identified areas of Victoria, Australia, where changing rainfall and temperature could actually increase agricultural production, given appropriate development.

However, plan-led regional and agricultural development involves a complex trade-off between investment in the key infrastructure underpinning production (e.g. water-related infrastructure, low cost and low emission energy), the associated facilities necessary to deliver products to national and global markets in a timely and efficient manner, and the environment.

Deakin University, in the State of Victoria, Australia, has created two fully funded Scholarships to undertake Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) studies in the field of Sustainable Regional Development. Within the context of holistic sustainable regional development, it is intended that one of the PhD studies will focus on social and economic analyses whilst the other will be related to water resources analyses at regional level. Given a primarily future-oriented interest, climate change concerns ought to be also considered in the studies. Applicants with prior studies in these topics will be given preference. The successful PhD candidates will be enrolled in Deakin’s Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment. It is expected that the applicants have a demonstrated proficient level of both written and spoken English at the expected time of commencement of the Scholarships early in 2015.

Information on the specific conditions of scholarships can be requested from:
Hannah Tribe, Assistant to Head of School of Life and Environmental Sciences
(Email: hannah.tribe@deakin.edu.au).

Letter (or e-mail) indicating your interest in these scholarships, and attaching a comprehensive CV, should be sent by Close of Business on 5th December 2014 (Australian time) to:
Robert Faggian, Associate Professor, Climate Change Adaptation (Email:r.faggian@deakin.edu.au) and Victor Sposito, Associate Professor, Strategic Spatial Planning (Email: v.sposito@deakin.edu.au).