CIE Spotlight: A comment on the influence of dingoes on the Australian sheep flock

Euan R. & Dale N.
Euan R. & Dale N.

TitleA comment on the influence of dingoes on the Australian sheep flock.

Authors: D.M. Forsyth, A.P. Woolnough, D.G. Nimmo, E.G. Ritchie, M. Kennedy, A. Pople and I. Watson

Source: Australian Veterinary Journal, Volume 92, Issue 12, pages 461–462, December 2014.

Brief summary of the paper: llen and West recently proposed that dingoes (Canis dingo, including hybrids with feral dogs C. lupus familiaris) are a critical causal factor in the decline of Australia’s sheep (Ovis aries) flock and implied that dingoes would cause the rangeland sheep industry to disappear within 30−40 years.

We agree that dingo predation can reduce the profitability of affected sheep properties and has important negative social effect on rural communities, and that exclusion fences and a range of lethal control methods are options for reducing those negative effects.

However, we argue that the importance of dingoes as a cause of the decline in Australia’s sheep flock has been overstated.

Full text available HERE.