Southern Australian Sea Turtles project – Help the world’s biggest turtle

Credit: Dave Donnelly
Credit: Dave Donnelly

Going to the beach this summer? Help CIE researchers Graeme Hays & Margie Morrice, in gathering more information about the world’s largest turtle, the leatherback.

In case you spot one, you can report sightings via the Southern Australian Sea Turtles (SAST) dedicated online form. Your sighting will help scientists answer vital questions about these creatures.

In parts of Australia – New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania – you might think you’re far from turtle habitats. In fact you have the best chance of seeing the largest turtle, and the fourth-heaviest reptile, in the world.

Not familiar with the Southern Australian Sea Turtles (SAST) project and want more information? Click HERE to go to the SAST home page.

More on the project is also available on The Conversation: This summer at the beach, watch out for the world’s biggest turtle.

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