Thomas Madsen – new member to the School / CIE

Thomas and water pythons
Thomas & friends

Please join us in welcoming Prof Thomas Madsen (Honorary fellow) to the CIE.

We are very pleased to have Thomas on board! Please see below a few words from Thomas:

“As a new member of the CIE I’d like to introduce myself. I am a “swaussie”, that is I’m an Australian with Swedish origin.

In 1987 I finished my PhD at the Department of Animal Ecology, University of Lund in Sweden and in 1989 I got a post-doc at the University of Sydney funded by an ARC grant to Rick Shine.

Since 1989 I have been working on various aspects or predator-prey dynamics on the Adelaide River floodplain in the Top End of Australia. This habitat harbours one of the greatest biomass of predators (water pythons, see picture) and prey (native dusky rats) in the world.

Since 2000 Beata Ujvari and I, often in collaboration with Rick, have been conducting research on wide range of topics on our study animals in the Top End such as the effects of parasites on host fitness, ageing and immune function and the effects on climate change on this amazing ecosystem.”