CIE Spotlight: A quantum leap in avian biology

Kate B.TitleA quantum leap in avian biology

Authors: Joseph, Leo; Buchanan, Katherine L.

Source: EMU, 115 (1):1-5, 2015

Brief summary of the paper: Friday 12 December 2014 was a red-letter day in the history of ornithology. It saw simultaneous publication of some 27 papers in eight journals, based on a singularly far-reaching and exciting avian dataset: genomic data from 48 species of birds from 32 of the 35 recently proposed avian orders, chosen to span the evolutionary diversity of the class Aves.

The body of work, representing output from more than 200 researchers working in 80 laboratories in 20 countries, reaches almost every corner of ornithology. A flagship paper stands on the shoulders of earlier and contemporary work to achieve a nearly complete understanding of relationships among the world’s major avian groups and the timing of the major events in their evolution.

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