CIE Director, Marcel Klaassen – farewell 2015, bring it on 2016

2015 - 2016 FireworksDear colleagues,

We farewelled 2015, a year in which things ran very well for the Centre for Integrative Ecology. Not only were we granted an additional 3 years of funding, we also scored high in the nationwide Evaluation Research Australia.

For all 5 Fields of Research for which we made an ERA submission we were able to live up to the high expectations. That wonderful news received us at the doorstep to the festive and holiday season and the new year. For our membership I hope it has contributed to enjoying this period and to an inspired entering of 2016.

For 2016 and probably long thereafter, ecological and environmental studies will remain an extremely relevant area of research; an ambiguous upside to the alarming and often depressing downward trajectory on which many environments on our globe currently are.

So indeed, for everyone calling themselves an Ecologist there is a lot to do and research, a lot to choose from. The trick is to make the right pick, get the biggest bang for the buck and select topics of research that have the highest chance of making an impact.

Although businesses have started to come to life again earlier this week, I hope many of you will still be able to continue enjoying the summer and re-energize in (relative) tranquility in order to “unleash” that energy during the year to come on matters you think will count most.

With kind regards,
Prof. Marcel Klaassen
CIE Director