Could GPS technology help monitor Melbourne’s elusive powerful owls?

Powerful OwlThe researchers, from the Centre for Integrative Ecology within Deakin’s School of Life and Environmental Sciences, are hoping the GPS monitors will help reveal how to conserve Australia’s largest owl (Ninox strenua), which come out to play when the lights go out around town.

The study is part of student Nick Bradsworth’s honours project (supervised by Associate Professor Raylene Cooke) and preliminary data shows the owls are covering large areas of around four square kilometres across 12 nights.

The question is how much time do they spend using suburban backyards and other urban areas? Answering this question is critical to developing better urban planning guidelines for the conservation and enhancement of urban Powerful Owl populations

More information on this project can be found via Deakin 2016 Media releases or in an article published at The Age.