An introduction to Linear Mixed Effects Models and Generalised Linear Mixed Models – Registration now open

Alain F. Z. and Elena I.
Alain F. Z. and Elena I.

Between the 4th and 8th of July in 2016, we will be hosting a statistics workshop at the Burwood Corporate Centre run by renowned world-class ecological statisticians Alain Zuur and Elena Ieno. These are the two primary authors of the infamous “Modelling Book with the penguins on the cover”: ‘Mixed Effects Models and Extensions in Ecology with R.

The aim of the workshop is to provide an introduction to Linear Mixed Effects Models, and Generalised Linear Mixed Models. Only basic knowledge in R is required (e.g. how to import data), and a short revision on linear modelling is provided.  The course involves a series of lectures, and engaging examples to work through (and all R scripts and course material are provided!!!!).

They will teach:

  • When it is appropriate to run a mixed effects model
  • How to run it
  • How to check assumptions
  • How to interpret the results

You can find out more information in the flyer attached, or you can register via the Highstat website (make sure that you select the Deakin University course). However, don’t delay too long as the course is also open to participants from outside of Deakin and is limited to only 30 places.

If you require more information, please email either Travis Knox or Matt Symonds.

Why we decided to invite them to Deakin in 2016? “While there is some cost to the workshop, I attended their GLM & GAM workshop last year, and can personally say that it is well worth it. I have never attended a statistics course that was able to engage a room full of people for the entirety of a week. The content was pitched at a level that everyone could understand, and they made every effort to ‘leave no man behind’. Furthermore, I was able to walk away from the course with the ability to directly apply what I had just learnt to my own data – Travis Knox”