“Statistics using R” – A new CIE website

R LogoWe are very happy to announce the launch of a new CIE website “Statistics using R“. This site is designed to help YOU use R as efficiently as possible, and also give you a platform to help others out whenever you can. It provides a lot of resources, for first time users as well as for regular users, and most importantly a discussion forum, where you can ask and answer questions.

R is an amazing tool, and let´s face it, an absolute must in your skill set. But the learning curve is notoriously steep at the start, and using R can indeed be frustrating (at any stage). We want to make this learning curve as shallow as possible for you, and to encourage you to solve problems together when you hit them.

If you´re new to R, the time you invest at the start will definitely pay-off later! There is a good reason why R has become so popular. We hope this site is useful to CIE staff and students at any level of competencies with R and statistics, because there is always something new to learn in this fast evolving area.

“Statistic using R” was set up by Marcel Klaassen and a few CIE members. The site’s administrator is Mylene Mariette, please feel free to get in touch with her if you have any suggestions on how to improve the site, and if you would like to be part of the “R and stat wiz” team (in the broad sense of the term; you definitely don´t need to know it all!). Mylene would very much appreciate your help and input. This can only work (and be fun) if people get involved. Instructions on how to register to the website are posted below, so…. stop what you’re doing right now and check it out 🙂

STEP 1: Go to CloudDeakin and log in (left hand side of the screen). Once in CloudDeakin click on the Self Registration link under More.

STEP 2: Click on Statistics Using R site link

STEP 3: Click on Register

STEP 4: Click on Submit