Jordy Thomson – new member to the School / CIE

Jordy T.
Jordy T.

Please join us in welcoming Dr Jordy Thomson, Research Fellow, Warrnambool campus.

Jordy completed his PhD at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) in 2011 under the supervision of Professor Larry Dill and Professor Mike Heithaus (Florida International University).

His research interests typically lie at the intersection of animal behaviour, ecology and conservation in coastal ecosystems. Jordy have been particularly interested in the movements and trophic interactions of large-bodied vertebrates (sea turtles, cetaceans and sharks) and have worked on a long-term community ecology research project in Shark Bay, Western Australia, since 2005.

The project use Shark Bay’s iconic seagrass meadows as a model system for understanding the influence of non-lethal impacts of large sharks on megagrazers (green sea turtles, dugongs) and seagrass community dynamics. As part of this research program, Jordy have specialized in the feeding ecology and movements of sea turtles using telemetry, time-depth recorders, animal-borne video cameras, stable isotope analysis and statistical modeling.

He then joined Dr. Heithaus’ group at FIU as a post doc in 2011 and initiated a project investigating the impacts of extreme temperatures on seagrasses, which is now a central focus of the Shark Bay program.

Jordy came to Deakin University to work with Professor Graeme Hays and to investigate how predation risk structures grazing bouts of green turtles in Shark Bay and develop broader-scale, collaborative projects in other locations.

Over the past decade, Jordy have also worked for several conservation non-profits. He is passionate about science communication and public outreach and have conducted a large number of school and community talks on various topics in animal behaviour and marine conservation.

Jordy, we are glad to have you with us!