Wildlife Spotter – join in and help save threatened species and preserve Australia’s iconic wildlife!

Wildlife SpotterWildlife Spotter is an online citizen science project undertaken by ABC Science for National Science Week in collaboration with the Australian Museum, the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, Charles Darwin University, the NSW Office of Environment, Saving our Species, World Wide Fund for NatureJames Cook UniversityQueensland Government and Deakin University.

Australia is a vast country. Researchers have set up automatic cameras that are snapping wildlife day and night. Now we need your help to analyse the millions of photographs captured in tropical rainforests, the dry rangelands, and around our cities.

The research will help answer questions including: how many endangered bettongs are left; how well native predators like quolls and devils are competing with cats for food; and how common are common wombats.

Want to join the team? Need more information? Full details available via the Wildlife Spotter website.