Congratulations to Guang Shi & Marcel Klaassen for receiving the title of Alfred Deakin Professor

Alfred DeakinThe title of Alfred Deakin Professor is the most prestigious that the University can bestow on its staff. The title is awarded to Professors in recognition of their outstanding and sustained contribution to furthering Deakin’s research aims, or its teaching and learning aims.

In its last meeting, Deakin Council approved the conferral of the title Alfred Deakin Professor to both Guang Shi, LES Head of School, and Marcel Klaassen, CIE Director.

See below a few words from Marcel Klaassen addressed to CIE members:

“Thank you for the many congratulations I have been receiving over the past two days on my Alfred Deakin Professorship. I really appreciate it.

Admittedly, I have been wondering why the university bestowed me with this grand title. As you then do, Googling for an answer, I actually came across this result, where it is outlined what the title means and why it was given to its 2016 recipients. From reading the story that is under my name I get the feeling that I importantly got lucky because of the success of the CIE. Thus, as I see it, I actually received it for all the hard work that you have been doing over the past few years!

So, a big THANK YOU !!! is absolutely in place here.

In a sense this notion is also a bit awkward. I do hope for a wider recognition of our collective effort with time. In this respect, I might have a positive observation to share with you. The aforementioned site also provides a historic overview of the recipients and it is clear that the number of Alfred Deakin professors is currently growing exponentially (R2=0.98). Probably not entirely safe to extrapolate that into the future, but for the moment, let’s just enjoy the thought that by 2032 we may all be Alfred Deakin professors.”


Interested in knowing why Guang and Marcel were chosen to receive this prestigious title? See the 2016 recipients page on Deakin’s website for more information.