PhD Position: The role of prenatal communication in adaptation to hot climate

videosnapWe are seeking an outstanding, highly motivated PhD candidate with an interest in avian physiology to work on the ARC funded research project “The role of prenatal communication in adaptation to hot climate”. The project is supervised by Dr Mylene Mariette & Prof Kate Buchanan.

We recently discovered that zebra finch parents warn their embryos about hot weather, and that this acoustic signal adaptively prepares offspring for growing in a hot environment. This work was recently published in Science (Mariette & Buchanan 2016) and featured in international media (The ABC Science Show, BBC, the Parisian, New York Times). Check out the video on Facebook or You Tube “Zebra finch parents tell eggs: it´s hot outside”.

The aim of this PhD project is to explore the physiological mechanisms underlying the developmental effects we observed, and assess the significance of this strategy in the wild.

For more information on the project and how to apply click HERE (PDF).
Application deadline is 13th March 2017 or until a suitable candidate is found.