Prof. Marcel Klaassen hands the reigns as CIE Director to Prof. Don Driscoll

Marcel K.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof. Marcel Klaassen for being with the CIE from day one and to acknowledge his outstanding contribution to the Centre since then. Marcel served as Director of CIE since 2010 and worked day and night to place the centre as one of Deakin’s leading strategic research centers. He will continue to be part of the CIE as a member of the board and will continue his research work.

Don D.

Prof. Don Driscoll is taking over as the new Director of CIE. Don has a very broad interest in ecological research and a strong track record in leading people and organisations (he is also the President @ Ecological Society of Australia).

On behalf of everyone in the CIE we would like to wish Don all the best!