Deakin Science and Society Network – Emerging Issues in Science and Society Symposium, July 6th 2017

Euan Ritchie, Tim Doherty, Don Driscoll and Marcel Klaassen are all part of the Deakin Science in Society Network (SSN), which brings together humanities, arts and social sciences scholars ((HASS), with physical and life sciences scientists, to find ways to best tackle and communicate some of society’s biggest challenges. The network is part of the Alfred Deakin Institue for Citizenship and Globalisation (ADI).

The SSN received the tick for stage one DUCCF funding. The team has moved fast, having already had one meeting, a full day, facilitated workshop will be occurring on May 1st, and most excitingly on July 6th (9:30am-3:30pm @ Deakin Downtown, Melbourne CBD), they are going to launch the network by having an ‘Emerging Issues in Science and Society Symposium‘.

This inaugural Deakin SSN symposium is supported by the Australian Academy of Science. Euan Ritchie managed to secure Paul Willis (RiAus and Australia’s Science Channel) for this event too!

On the day, they will pair HASS scholars and scientists to discuss a hot topic (bushfires, food shortage…), where each person will have 20 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of discussion, with about 4-5 sessions on the day.