Two PhD students wanted to work on an ARC funded project on disease ecology and genomics in parrots

We seek two outstanding, highly motivated PhD candidates to work on the ARC Discovery project ‘Genomic diversity, tolerance and ecology of wildlife disease’ with Professors Andy Bennett and Soren Alexandersen (Deakin and GCEID), Dr Matt Berg (Deakin) and Professor Scott Edwards (Harvard).

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The students will be based at Deakin University, Geelong (near Melbourne, Australia) in a research group in the Centre for Integrative Ecology (CIE) and the Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases (GCEID) with opportunities for travel to Scott Edward’s lab at Harvard USA. The research project will commence in January 2018 and students need to start by July 2018, preferably earlier.

PhD-1 This will be focussed on molecular analyses, genomics and associated bioinformatics of both the host and the virus but will also involve field work (to assist with sample collection). The main objectives of this project is to test the role of genetic diversity and genotype rarity in infection, infer the roles of selection and candidate genes, and conduct phylogenetic analyses. The project will be based in Deakin’s CIE, with additional training provided by GCEID and at Harvard University.

PhD-2 This will focus on field ecology and pathology/immunology, with training provided in the CIE and GCEID. The objectives are to investigate the pathological and fitness effects of BFDV infection in rosellas, and to combine these data with quantification of infection levels to evaluate the contributions of resistance and tolerance mechanisms to infection dynamics in this system.