PhD scholarship: Role of incubation behaviour in developmental programming

Based at Deakin University’s Centre for Integrative Ecology with ARC Future Fellow Professor Kate Buchanan
and DECRA fellow Dr Mylene Mariette.

We are seeking an outstanding, highly motivated PhD candidate to work on a new ARC Discovery project “Revisiting the ontogeny of vocal learning in birds: from neuron to fitness”. Previous work by our group has demonstrated the importance of incubation calling behaviour in programming developmental outcomes (Mariette and Buchanan Science 2016). The aims of this PhD research program are to determine how incubation behaviour may determine developmental trajectories and heat adaptation in Zebra Finches. The PhD student will work in a vibrant and productive research team testing the role of incubation behaviour for nest temperature regulation and nestling development. They will conduct behavioural assays, bioacoustics analyses, monitor environmental conditions and assess developmental outcomes for nestlings. There will be the chance to develop skills in assessing physiological condition, gene expression and hormone production.

More information and application details here.