ARC Linkage success for the Centre for Integrative Ecology

We are thrilled to announce that members of the Centre for Integrative Ecology have been successful in the latest round of Linkage Projects announced by the Australia Research Council.

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Planning for sustainable development and biodiversity on Indigenous Lands
This project will be led by the CIE’s Dr Emily Nicholson and aims to develop a new approach to participatory land-use planning for sustainable development and conservation, in partnership with the Tiwi Land Council. Planning for sustainable development is complex but vital to reconciling economic, social and conservation goals worldwide. The project will evaluate land-use scenarios, including Indigenous Protected Areas, with ecological and economic models that integrate Indigenous and scientific knowledge. Benefits will include new planning tools and improved understanding of trade-offs between goals, especially on Australia’s Indigenous estates.
Award amount: $490,233
Partners: Tiwi Land Council.
Co-investigators:  Ms Kate Hadden; Dr Brett Murphy; Dr Margaret Ayre; Associate Professor Jane Elith; Dr Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita; Dr Alan Andersen; Professor Brett Bryan; Professor Tom Kompas.

CIE participation in projects led by other institutions
Integrating fire and predator management to conserve threatened species: led by Professor Brendan Wintle at University of Melbourne and including CIE director Professor Don Driscoll. $439,000

Ecosystem risk assessment: led by Professor David Keith at UNSW and including Dr Emily Nicholson, Associate Professor Rebecca Lester, Dr Susanna Venn and Dr Lucie Bland. $416,000

Natural selection and the Tasmanian devil: led by Dr Rodrigo Hamede at University of Tasmania and including Dr Beata Ujvari. $300,000

Nutritional requirements of the critically endangered corroboree frog: led by Dr Phillip Byrne at University of Woolongong and including Professor John Endler. $334,000

Congratulations to everyone involved in these projects, along with all other successful applicants this round!