Integrative ecology symposium with the School of Education

Hi Researchers of the CIE

We would like to invite you to consider this opportunity for you to share your research with wider audiences.  Impact and community engagement are what we are encouraged to consider more and more as academics at Deakin… participating in this project will do both for you.

We invite researchers (at any stage) to join us as we present a public symposium about Integrative Ecology.  The symposium date is the 11th April at Deakin Downtown.  There will be 5 research presentations across the morning session.  Then the public part of the day concludes and lunch will be served to you and the teachers who have offered to stay the full day to continue working.  This work will involve designing and developing teaching and learning sequences for lower secondary science students (years 7 – 10).  We hope that you will stay for the afternoon session to support this process.

A team of Community Science Project students will be supporting this project.  These students will be in touch with you and will facilitate collecting the necessary information prior to the 11th April.  This information may include:

  • A narrative (collected through an interview) regarding the significance of your research
  • A narrative about how you collect data – the methodology/methods of your research
  • Some photos or video of this process would be great (especially if taken in the field) – this will be used to craft video resources to add engagement and interest to the resulting teaching and learning materials.
  • One or two research papers – if you are published in this area.  We would like to design student activities that have them engaging in published science.
  • One or two media articles – if you have any.  This will scaffold students to make accurate judgements about media presentations of science.
  • Some data, if possible… as teachers often find it very hard to access good quality data so they can scaffold student development in learning how to analyse real (secondary) data.

We will also need you to review the final web-based materials once they are generated – towards the end of May.

The process has been designed to be thorough – but not time consuming or onerous for you.

We have successfully worked with several Deakin Scientist previously – check out our materials

Please contact me if you have any questions.

If you would like to be part of this initiative and raise your project’s profile, can you please send an EOI to Peta White by Friday 1st March 2019?


Kind regards,


Peta White (PhD)

Lecturer in Science and Environmental Education

Bachelor of Science/MTeach D304 Course Director