A Public Symposium on Integrative Ecology by Research for Educational Impact (REDI)

A Public Symposium on Integrative Ecology brought to you by Research for Educational Impact (REDI).

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Integrative Ecology investigates the living environment. Through this symposium we will showcase researchers who are investigating the mechanisms of immediate and evolutionary response to environmental changes, not just what conditions endanger some species during change.

At Deakin University the Centre for Integrative Ecology (CIE) combines ecology, evolution, and ecological physiology and research falls into three overlapping focal areas:

  • Environmental change has a direct impact on individual organisms, which is notably studied in the fields of sensory ecology and animal physiology.
  • These responses lead to changes at the level of populations and communities.
  • Environmental change, however, not only results in immediate responses but also imparts variation in selection pressures, ultimately leading to evolutionary change.

Date And Time: Thu., 11 April 2019, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm AEST

Location: Deakin Downtown, Level 12, Tower 2 Collins Square, 727 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3008, Australia

A workshop for teachers will be offered in the afternoon, to assist teachers to develop ecology-based activities in the classroom.

A pre-event briefing (9.00 am-10.00 am) will also be held for teachers wishing to attend the classroom workshop, bringing the total event time for teachers to 9.00 am—4.00 pm.

The event will run from 10.00 am—1.00 pm for non-teachers and members of the public.

Registration is now open – click here to register.

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