Pint of Science coming to a lounge room near you!

Pint of Science cannot be held in pubs this year but they are now offering a suite of interesting online events to check out.

Australian scientists have taken on the challenge of telling the world about their work, in just a few hundred characters, beautiful images and videos. They will be sharing their work and discoveries on Twitter and Instagram.

Dr Elodie Camprasse, from the CIE, will be sharing her research on human-wildlife conflicts on Twitter, posting at around 9 am, Monday 11th.

All scientists will be sharing their stories throughout the day; follow the #ThisIsMyScience to catch her presentation.

Elodie will also answer questions on human-wildlife interactions in urban environments, on a “Reddit Ask Me Anything” on May 13th (Wednesday) from 9 am to 5 pm. She will share insights from her research and her work as an Emergency Response Operator at Wildlife Victoria. You can ask your questions by following the instructions HERE.

You can find a bit more info on Elodie’s work by watching this short video.

We invite you all to join Elodie and many other Australian researchers on this special online event(s).