CIE Seminar Series – 2020: Footprints and Transformations

SPEAKER: Professor Thomas (Tommy) Wiedmann, Leader, Sustainability Assessment Program, University of NSW, Sydney

DATE & TIME: Friday, 22nd May 2020 @ 12noon

LOCATION: Seminar to be streamed via Zoom. Click HERE to connect.

Due to previous technical problems, whereby Prof Thomas Wiedmann was unable to present his seminar to the end, Thomas has kindly agreed to deliver his seminar once again. We hope you are all able to sit back and tune into Thomas’ seminar on Friday.


Consumption-based accounting or ‘footprint assessment’ provides a unique perspective of environmental and social consequences of consuming goods and services. It reveals indirect, hidden or distant impacts that are often not linked to consumption activities and enables new ways of assigning responsibilities.

This presentation summarises the last seven years of research in the Sustainability Assessment Program at UNSW Sydney. It provides examples of how footprint assessments based on environmental input-output analysis have been applied to assess the sustainability performance of nations, cities, sectors, technologies and materials.

The presentation also maps out how this research links to integrated assessment and scenario modelling of national performance regarding the Sustainable Development Goals and Planetary Boundaries. More quantitative research is required to inform decisions on policies and investments that deliver the transformational change needed for prosperous, fairer and more environmentally sustainable societies.


Thomas (Tommy) Wiedmann is Professor of sustainability research and is leading the Sustainability Assessment Program at UNSW Sydney, Australia. In teaching and research, he is guided by the question on how to achieve concurrent human and planetary well-being.

Tommy has long-standing expertise is in integrated, quantitative sustainability assessment, industrial ecology and environmental footprint analysis. He is leading the development and application of the Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory (IELab), a collaborative research platform for environmentally extended multi-region input-output analysis.

Tommy has coordinated a number of sustainability-related research projects funded by European and Australian Governments worth about $6m in total. His recent research is focusing on urban sustainability and sustainability transformations.

In 2012, Tommy received the Thomson Reuters Citation Award in Australia and he has been listed as Highly Cited Researcher annually since 2015.

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