PhD opportunity @ Deakin University – Fisheries ecology of rock flathead in south eastern Australia

Fisheries ecology of rock flathead in south eastern Australia

PhD Scholarship Opportunity @ Deakin University, Victoria, Australia

We have an exciting opportunity to obtain a PhD scholarship through Deakin University, working with Dr Justin Rizzari and Dr Adam Miller at the Deakin University Queenscliff Marine Science Centre.

The position is available to domestic students only. Applicants should have achieved an excellent grade (e.g., H1 or HD) in an Honours or MSc research program, and proven skills in scientific writing.

We are seeking candidates with an interest and experience in fish biology and ecology. Experience in fish tagging, boating- and diving-based field work, and/or population genetics is desired, but not critical.

Successful candidates will be offered a 3-year PhD scholarship (~AU$28,000 p.a. tax free) through the School of Life and Environmental Sciences to work on the following project funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation:

Project: Rock flathead (Platycephalus laevigatus) supports an important commercial fishery in south-eastern Australia. However, the stock structure of rock flathead is largely unknown.

This project will use an integrated approach involving the application of acoustic tracking and chemical tracers coupled with population genomics to address key questions around fisheries stock structure and processes influencing the dynamics of rock flathead fisheries.

Outputs from this program are expected to assist in the sustainable management of the rock flathead fishery and provide an improved understanding of processes shaping marine biodiversity in south-eastern Australia. The project will also involve engaging with government and fisheries industry stakeholders.

To apply, please send your Expression of Interest form (download from HERE) and CV to Dr Justin Rizzari (

The position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. Please note that submission of an Expression of Interest and accompanying documentation is not a formal application for a Research Degree at Deakin.

An ‘Invitation to Apply’ will be required from the Faculty to progress to the formal application stage. The Invitation to Apply does not guarantee an offer of admission and will be subject to any conditions stipulated on the Invitation.

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