Best CIE HDR Research Awards – Centre for Integrative Ecology (CIE) Annual Conference 2020

Dear CIE HDR students,

An important part of the annual CIE conference is to seek out and acknowledge your fantastic research efforts. So If you have a recent research output, please send it through for consideration in one of our Best CIE HDR Research Award categories.

In 2020, we have four research award categories:

1. Best reviewed research paper (a manuscript that has undergone part, or all of the external peer review process).

2. Best unreviewed research paper (a pre-submitted, or submitted manuscript, lacking any input from peer-review feedback)

Award Rules:

  • Entries are open to all CIE HDR students;
  • Published papers must have been published after October 2019;
  • Papers should reflect research undertaken as part of your current CIE HDR candidature;
  • Papers will be judged, scored, and ranked by a panel of CIE academics;
  • Please email papers (stating category) or submissions to Tim Jessop ( before September 20th to be in the running;
  • Winners will be contacted by email at the end of September.

3. Best CIE HDR award for science outreach:

Here we are looking for great examples of how you are translating and communicating your science for the benefit of the broader community and ideally having an impact beyond the ivory towers of academia! I am leaving this vague in its interpretation to allow for the broadest consideration of your research outreach efforts (e.g. an account of how your science helped Nuns in Mexico sustainably harvest endangered salamanders to make cough syrup, or it could be a blog or some other form of popular science communication ).

If you would like to enter, please send me a brief email, using no more than 200 words to describe your science outreach efforts.

  • Again please email submissions to Tim Jessop ( before September 20th.
  • The winner will be contacted by email at the end of September.

If these do not appeal, and because many of you will be presenting at the upcoming CIE conference then you automatically qualify for the:

4. Best Presentation Awards:

The CIE will also be giving out awards the for best female and best male HDR candidate presentations at the conference.

The winner of each category:

Will be awarded a voucher and certificate.

We look forward to receiving many entries and learning about your great research!