CIE Seminar Series – 2021: Animal colour vision, understanding perception and uncertainty to improve colour modelling

SPEAKER: Dr Jair Garcia Mendoza, Bio-Inspired Digital Sensing Lab (BIDS), School of Media and Communications, RMIT University.

DATE & TIME: Friday, 20th August 2021 @ 12:00noon.

LOCATION: Seminar to be streamed via Zoom. Click HERE to connect (Meeting ID: 408 120 6183, Password: 06048505).

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Colour discrimination, the ability to discern one hue from another given a particular context, is fundamental for animals allowing them to detect food, hide from predators or identifying potential mates. Whilst our understanding of the physical phenomena driving signal production and reception by the visual system of different animals has significantly expanded in the past few decades, development of tools to model the perceptual nature of colour vision progresses at a slower pace in spite of significant advances in colour vision theory.

A reason for this is the difficulty of including the probabilistic nature of perception into current models for animal colour vision. In this session we will explore the perceptual nature of colour vision using evidence from vertebrate and insect models to understand why frequently used colour models are limited to properly model colour perception in animals.

Then, we will explore a new generation of models for colour vision in key animal species which incorporate the probabilistic nature of colour perception.


Jair Garcia was born in Colombia (South America) where he completed his undergraduate studies in Biology. After working both as an educator and fine art photographer, he cursed his post-graduate studies at RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) where he explored the use of digital technologies as a proxy for animal vision to understand camouflage strategies in desert lizards.

After completing his PhD, Jair has continuing working on animal colour vision using as a model the honeybee, and exploring the role of attention and cognition in visual perception using eye-tracking technology.

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