CIE Seminar Series – 2022: Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness – An overview and view to the future

SPEAKER: Dr Debbie Eagles, Deputy Director, CSIRO Australia Centre for Disease Preparedness

DATE & TIME: Friday, 21st January 2022 @ 12noon.

LOCATION: Seminar to be streamed via Zoom. Click HERE to connect (Meeting ID: 843 9036 8499, Password: 73907723).

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My presentation will give an overview of the work done at CSIRO’s Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness and outline future direction, including in areas contributing to wildlife health and opportunities for collaboration.

Recent research on new and emerging diseases in our region, including African Swine Fever and African Horse Sickness as well as ongoing threats such as Avian Influenza will also be highlighted.


Debbie Eagles has been Deputy Director of CSIRO’s Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness (ACDP), previously known as the Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL), since July 2019. Prior to this she spent 3 years in the role of ACDP’s Research Director for the Diagnosis, Surveillance and Response (DSR) Program which followed 8 years in the Veterinary Diagnostic Team.

ACDP is the national reference laboratory for exotic and emergency animal diseases, including zoonotics and holds a number of World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and FAO reference/collaborating centre designations. Debbie herself is an OIE Reference Laboratory Expert on Bluetongue Virus, which was the focus of her PhD thesis.

Debbie is also enrolled as an OIE and Australian Qualified Expert on the UN Secretary-General Mechanism’s (UNSGM) Roster for investigations of Alleged Use of Chemical, Biological or Toxin Weapons, has postgraduate qualifications in epidemiology and has a special interest in interactions at the field/laboratory interface.

Debbie has extensive experience in working in the Asia Pacific region, including in laboratory capacity building projects, in field investigations and through the provision of training courses.

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