Batbayar Galtbalt

Phone N/A
Campus Geelong Waurn Ponds
Supervisor Marcel Klaassen
Graeme Hays

Thesis title
Responses in breeding performance and migratory behaviour of Demoiselle (Anthropoides virgo) and White-naped crane (Antigone vipio) to a changing environment

Research interests
1. Movement ecology
2. Avian migration
3. Breeding ecology of birds
4. Population limitations
5. Effect of climate change on the wildlife population

2018 – Current: PhD candidate at Deakin University, Australia
2015 – 2018: Wildlife Ecologist at Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia (WSCC)
2014: Internship, DNA analysis of Saker falcon (Falco cherrug) via Microsatellite PCR, Cardiff University
2012 – 2015: Manager for the Saker falcon conservation project in Mongolia
2011: Internship at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL)
2008 – 2011: Coordinator at the ZSL’s Steppe Forward Programme in Mongolia
2006 – 2008: Master of Science (Ecology), National University of Mongolia. Studied the community structure of the Passeriformes in Gobi desert
2005: Field assistant for research project “The Dynamics of biodiversity loss and permafrost melt in Lake Huvsgul national park”
2002 – 2006: Bachelor of Science, National University of Mongolia

Key publications
Galtbalt, B.
, A. Lilleyman, J. T. Coleman, C. Cheng, Z. Ma, D. I. Rogers, B. K. Woodworth, R. A. Fuller, S. T. Garnett, and M. Klaassen. 2021. Far eastern curlew and whimbrel prefer flying low – wind support and good visibility appear only secondary factors in determining migratory flight altitude. Movement Ecology 9:32

Dixon, A., M. L. Rahman, B. Galtbalt, A. Gunga, B. Sugarsaikhan, and N. Batbayar. (2017). Avian electrocution rates associated with density of active small mammal holes and power-pole mitigation: Implications for the conservation of Threatened raptors in Mongolia. Journal for Nature Conservation 36:14-19.