CIE Annual Conference- 12th October 2018

Centre for Integrative Ecology Annual Conference 2018

Date:  Friday, 12th October, 2018
Time:  10:00 – 4:00pm
Venue:  Deakin Downtown, Tower 2, Collins Square, 727 Collins St, Melbourne 

The Centre continues to aim to strengthen its research collaboration and provide forum for our academics, researchers and our students to discuss and exchange research ideas.  It is a great platform for our students to showcase their outstanding research.

The conference will consist primarily of 5-minute speed talks, with a single plenary (our CIE seminar speaker for the week), and time for networking and catching up with your colleagues and peers. Lunch will be provided.

Please register your interest at  and submit a title (on-line) for your presentation by 1st September 2018.

All are invited and encouraged to participate and attend, but we will give priority to students and postdocs to present if places are limited.  All students attending should present a short talk.

Invited speaker: Dr Hamish Campbell, School of Environment, Charles Darwin University.

Best Student Talk will be announced at the closure of the conference.

Best Student Paper Award will be conferred at the conference (in order to qualify for theaward, the paper must be nominated and sent by your supervisor, directly to Tim Jessop, email  More details on this will be sent by Tim.

Full details of the program will be made available closer to the date of the conference.

Your attendance is important to the success of the conference. If you are able to join us for this event, please register by 1st September at the above link.

ARC Linkage success for the Centre for Integrative Ecology

We are thrilled to announce that members of the Centre for Integrative Ecology have been successful in the latest round of Linkage Projects announced by the Australia Research Council.

Image result for australian research council

Planning for sustainable development and biodiversity on Indigenous Lands
This project will be led by the CIE’s Dr Emily Nicholson and aims to develop a new approach to participatory land-use planning for sustainable development and conservation, in partnership with the Tiwi Land Council. Planning for sustainable development is complex but vital to reconciling economic, social and conservation goals worldwide. The project will evaluate land-use scenarios, including Indigenous Protected Areas, with ecological and economic models that integrate Indigenous and scientific knowledge. Benefits will include new planning tools and improved understanding of trade-offs between goals, especially on Australia’s Indigenous estates.
Award amount: $490,233
Partners: Tiwi Land Council.
Co-investigators:  Ms Kate Hadden; Dr Brett Murphy; Dr Margaret Ayre; Associate Professor Jane Elith; Dr Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita; Dr Alan Andersen; Professor Brett Bryan; Professor Tom Kompas.

CIE participation in projects led by other institutions
Integrating fire and predator management to conserve threatened species: led by Professor Brendan Wintle at University of Melbourne and including CIE director Professor Don Driscoll. $439,000

Ecosystem risk assessment: led by Professor David Keith at UNSW and including Dr Emily Nicholson, Associate Professor Rebecca Lester, Dr Susanna Venn and Dr Lucie Bland. $416,000

Natural selection and the Tasmanian devil: led by Dr Rodrigo Hamede at University of Tasmania and including Dr Beata Ujvari. $300,000

Nutritional requirements of the critically endangered corroboree frog: led by Dr Phillip Byrne at University of Woolongong and including Professor John Endler. $334,000

Congratulations to everyone involved in these projects, along with all other successful applicants this round!

Event: Curating the Future feat. Prof Marcel Klaassen, National Wool Museum, 18 May

Curating the Future, National Wool Museum, Geelong.
Friday 18 May 2018, 10AM to 11.30AM

To celebrate International Museum Day, the National Wool Museum will host a special panel discussion on the topic, “Curating the Future”. Professor Libby Robin, Australian National University, will deliver an address on the topic and continue the discussion with ecologist Professor Marcel Klaassen, Deakin University and the National Wool Museum’s Senior Curator, Dr Luke Keogh.

The talk is free and open to the public. It will be followed by morning tea and a special tour of the new exhibition Spidergoat and the Insect Electro. Please RSVP online at

Event: Confessions of a Bird Nerd, June 4

Sean Dooley “There’s no such thing as a birdwatching comedian”.
Mon. 4 June 2018, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm AEST
Deakin Burwood Corporate Centre (BCC), 221 Burwood Highway, Burwood, VIC 3125

Sean Dooley has been looking at birds since the age of ten. And getting funny looks for looking at birds from pretty much the same age. Join him on a journey that takes him from the rainforests of Queensland to some of the finest sewage farms this country has to offer, from the embarrassment of being outed as a bird-nerd in front of his year seven classmates to the only slightly less embarrassment of outing himself as birder on national television, as he takes an in depth look at how we look at birds and what birds mean to us.

About the Speaker: When asked what he wanted to be when he left school, Sean Dooley was told by his careers guidance counsellor in no uncertain terms that, “There’s no such thing as a birdwatching comedian.” Sean went on to write for TV comedies such as Hamish and Andy and Spicks and Specks, perform a solo shows (including one about birdwatching) in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and has written about his experiences in breaking the Australian twitching record for seeing the most birds in one year, in his book, The Big Twitch. Sean is currently editor of Australian Birdlife magazine and known throughout the Australian media as “The Bird Man”. Follow him at @twitchathon 

More information and book tickets here.