Christine Connelly

Christine Connelly

Phone N/A
Campus Burwood
Supervisor John White
Raylene Cooke
Mike Weston

Link to personal website and to an article about my work

Thesis title
Exploring the effects of urbanisation on Eastern Yellow Robins in eastern Melbourne, AU

Research interests
1. Landscape Ecology
2. Wildlife Ecology
3. Conservation Biology
4. Landscape Genetics

Policy Officer, Forests & Parks Division, Department of Sustainability and Environment, East Melbourne
Ecological Consultant, Practical Ecology, Preston
Team Leader, NatureWatch Program, Victorian National Parks Association
Bachelor of Science (1st class honours), Monash University (honours year only)
Bachelor of Science (botany & geography), University of Melbourne

Key publications
Bennett, J. M., Cunningham, S. C., Connelly, C. A., Clarke, R. H., Thomson, J. R. and Mac Nally, R. (2013) The interaction between a drying climate and land use affects forest structure and above-ground carbon storage. Global Ecology and Biogeography. DOI: 10.1111/geb.12083

Connelly, C. A. (2010) Vegetation change in a time of drought: Exploring potential impacts of multiple stressors on box-ironbark forests. Honours thesis. Monash University, Clayton.

Goodger, J.Q.D., Connelly, C.A., Woodrow, I.E. (2007) Examination of the consistency of plant traits driving oil yield and quality in short-rotation coppice cultivation of Eucalyptus polybractea. Forest Ecology and Management, 250 (3), pp. 196-205. Cited 16 times. DOI: 10.1016/j.foreco.2007.05.015