How to Connect to CIE Seminars

Connect to CIEExternal parties may connect to the live seminar via *N SEBE VMP LES Seminars [ID.36958].

To Connect to CIE Seminars and have both video and audio you will need to have two applications installed, please follow the bellow instructions to install.

Please install Junos Pulse (Pulse Secure): Instructions can be found here: Deakin Secure Access client setup

Please install Skype For Business or Lync 2013 (If have office 2010, 2013, 2015 or 2016, Office365 Skype or Lync may already be installed or as an option)

On windows 8 and 10 this can be found in the Microsoft App store under Lync

On Windows 7 (Alternative location for 8 and 10 users). It can be found here.  64 Bit    32 Bit.

On Apple products this can be found in the App Store called Skype for Business

Once installed you can sign in using your Deakin email and password.

To connect to the VMP type in the search field *N SEBE VMP Click on it and click on the camera icon, this will allow you to see the video presentation. (Please note you will need to be connected to Wifi on Lan Wired connection to see this option.)

Junos Pulse (Or Pulse Secure) is used in case you are connected to Wifi or a wired Lan connection and still don’t see the Video option. To connect open Junos Pulse (Pulse Secure) and sign in with your Deakin username and password or click the connect button.

Both Junos Pulse and Skype for Business is available on Android and Itunes App Stores if wish to connect by phone, iPad or Tablet.

Once connected you will either get a voice prompt saying you are first in the conference or connect straight to video, please note you will also be shown at the other end if you have a webcam, you can either disconnect or switch of your camera if wish to not show your end, There is also an option once connect to black out your webcam by simply clicking the camera icon.

Please also press your microphone mute button when connected in Skype or Lync, especially if you are in a noisy environment. This is mainly due to the sensitivity of some microphones which can be quite loud in the seminar room.

As always Connection to the seminar will work best if connected to Eduroam or Deakins network available in many locations.

For IT assistance, please email