Johanne Martens

Phone N/A
Campus Geelong Waurn Ponds
Supervisor Andy Bennett
Mathew Berg

Thesis title
Ecology and evolution of Beak and Feather Disease Virus (BFDV) in wild Australian parrots

Research interests
1. Pathogen Transmission Dynamics
2. Breeding Biology & Behaviour
3. Conservation

March 2016 – current: PhD candidate at the Centre for Integrative Ecology
2015: Trainee at the State Museum of Natural History, Stuttgart, Germany.
2014: Research associate, Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology, Radolfzell, Germany
2011 – 2014: MSc, University of Hohenheim, Germany, master thesis in collaboration with the Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology, Radolfzell, Germany
2008 – 2011: BSc, University of Hohenheim, Germany


Martin L., Addison B., Bean A., Buchanan K., Crino O., Eastwood J., Flies A., Hamede R., Hill G., Klaassen M., Koch R., Martens J., Napolitano C., Narayan E., Peacock L., Peel A., Peters A., Raven N., Risely A., Roast M., Rollins L., Ruiz-Aravena M., Selechnik D., Stokes H., Ujvari B., Grogan L. (2019): Extreme competence: keystone hosts of infections. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 2476.

Martens J. M. & Stokes H. S., Berg M. L., Bennett A. T. D. (2018): A mixed-species brood of wild Australian parrots (Platycercus eximius and elegans) – accident or brood parasitism? Australian Field Ornithology 35, 87-90.

Eastwood J. R., Berg M. L., Ribot R. F. H., Stokes H. S., Martens J. M., Buchanan K. L., Walder K., Bennett A. T. D. (2018): Pair fidelity in long-lived parrots: genetic and behavioural evidence from the crimson rosella (Platycercus elegans). Emu Austral Ornithology 118(4), 369-374.

Martens J. & Woog F. (2017) Nest cavity characteristics, reproductive output and population trend of naturalised Amazon parrots in Germany. Journal of Ornitholgy. doi:10.1007/s10336-017-1436-9.

Martens J., Hoppe D. & Woog F. (2013) Diet and feeding behaviour of naturalised Amazon parrots in a European city. Ardea 101(1), pp. 71 – 76. doi: 10.5253/078.101.0111.

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