Reece Pedler

Reece Pedler

Phone 0400 038 452
Campus Geelong Waurn Ponds
Supervisor Andy Bennett
Raoul Ribot
Mike Weston
Bill Buttemer
David Paton (Uni of Adelaide)

Thesis title
Movement and breeding ecology of Banded Stilt in arid Australia

Research interests
1. Conservation biology
2. Behavioural ecology
3. Arid ecosystems

2011 – Current: PhD, Deakin University, Australia
2007 – Current: Threatened Fauna Project Officer, Natural Resources – SA Arid Lands (SA Dept for Environment, Water and Natural Resources)
2006 – 2007: Graduate Ecologist, BHP Billiton, Olympic Dam
2005: Honours, University of Adelaide, Australia

Key publications
Pedler, R. D., Bennett, A. T. D., & Ribot, R. F. H. (2014). Extreme nomadism in desert waterbirds: flights of the banded stilt. Biology Letters, 10(10). doi:

Pedler, R. D., Brandle, R., Fenner, A., & Lennon, S. (2014). Limbless geckoes hanging on? Lessons in exploiting arid zone unpredictability from an elusive habitat specialist pygopod. Wildlife Research, 41, 266-274. doi:

Pedler, R. D., & Kovac, K.-J. (2013). Waterbirds on the Arcoona Lakes in arid South Australia, 2007–2010. Australian Field Ornithology, 30, 79-96.

Black, A., Carpenter, G., Pedler, R. D., Pedler, L., & Langdon, P. (2011). Habitats of the Grey Grasswren Amytornis barbatus diamantina and a review of the species’ distribution. Corella, 36(2), 29-37.

Pedler, R. D. (2011). Recent records of the Woma Python (Aspedites ramsayi) in South Australia, with an evaluation of distribution, habitat and status. Herpetofauna, 41(1-2), 31-50.

Pedler, R. D. (2010a). The impacts of abandoned mining shafts: Fauna entrapment in opal prospecting shafts at Coober Pedy, South Australia. Ecological Management and Restoration, 11(1), 36-42.

Pedler, R. D. (2010b). Southerly observations of the Flock Bronzewing, Phaps histrionica, in South Australia between 2008 and 2010. South Australian Ornithologist, 36(1-2), 25-32.

Pedler, R. D., & Neilly, H. (2010c). A re-evaluation of the distribution and status of the Lake Eyre Dragon (Ctenophorus maculosus): an endemic South Australian salt lake specialist. The South Australian Naturalist, 84(1), 15-29.

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