Seminars 2015

Seminars (2015) will be held every Friday, where possible, commencing at 12:00 noon (any “additional seminars” are shown in green)
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Date Speaker Host/s Title Uni/Organisation WP room Wrnbl room Bwood room
12/02/2015 Dr Jennifer Kelley John Endler Sensory plasticity in changing environments Centre for Evolutionary Biology/Neuroecology Group,The University of Western Australia, WA ka4.207 C1.13 LT12 (X2.05)
6/03/2015 Dr Ron Sinclair Lee Ann Rollins Is Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease the answer to Australia’s rabbit problem considering its rapid evolution and the development of genetic resistance School of Biological Sciences, University of Adelaide ka5.321 B3.03 LT5 (B3.07)
13/03/2015 Dr Sue Healy  Kate Buchanan How does a bird know what nest to build? School of Biology, University of St Andrews ka5.303 G1.01 T3.05
20/03/2015     NO SEMINAR – CIE staff meeting #1    
27/03/2015 Assoc Professor Craig White Vincent Careau Causes and consequences of metabolic variation in animals School of Biological Sciences, University of Queensland ka5.321 G1.01 HD3.008
3/04/2015     NO SEMINAR – Good Friday holiday
10/04/2015 ceRRF Workshop – Warrnambool Campus
17/04/2015 Assoc Prof Martina Doblin Christa Beckmann Thermal trajectories of marine microbes and implications for adaptation to changing ocean conditions Plant Functional Biology & Climate Change, University of Technology, Sydney ka5.303  G1.01 T3.05 
24/04/2015 Prof Fritz Geiser Vincent Careau Diverse Functions of Torpor Centre for Behavioural and Physiological Ecology, University of New England, NSW ka5.303 G1.01 LT5
1/05/2015 Prof Peter Wilson Alecia Bellgrove A look at ice nucleation in nature – from Antarctic fishes to mountain grasshoppers, from oil pipelines to nacreous clouds Medical Science Precinct, Tasmania ka5.303 C1.13 T3.05
8/05/2015 Prof Frank Seebacher Vincent Careau Plasticity of locomotor function and its effect on behaviour School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, The University of Sydney ka5.303 G1.01 HD3.008
15/05/2015 Dr Thomas Madsen Graeme Hays Floods and famine, a climate induced collapse of a tropical predator-prey community School of Biological Sciences, University of Wollongong ka5.303 G1.01 T3.05
22/05/2015 Dr Daniel Noble Vincent Careau Can we predict phenotypic evolution in nature? Challenges and prospects? Centre for the Integratiave study of Animal Behaviour, Department of Bilogical Sciences, Macquarie University ka5.303 G1.01 HD3.008/09
29/05/2015 Assoc Professor Justin Seymour Peter Macreadie Marine microbial ecology: From drops of seawater to ocean basins Ocean Microbiology Group, University of Technology, Sydney ka5.303 G1.01 BCC, Level 2 (please report to reception)
5/06/2015 Assoc Prof Jeremy Austin Euan Ritchie Past, present & future: demographic histories of species revealed by ancient DNA School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, The University of Adelaide ka5.303 G1.01 LT4 (B3.05)
12/06/2015 Prof David Booth Peter Macreadie Paradise lost:  what can Nemo and co tell us about climate change and the connectivity of marine systems?  School of Environment, University of Technology, Sydney ka5.303 B3.03 LT5 (B3.07)
19/06/2015 Assoc Prof Martine Maron Kate Buchanan No net loss compared to what? Counterfactuals in biodiversity offset policies School of Geography Planning and Environmental Management, The Univesity of Queensland ka5.303 B3.03 LT5 (B3.07)
23/06/2015 (TUESDAY) Professor Dominique G. Homberger Natasha Kaukov The feeding ecology of the AU Red-tailed Black-Cockatoos & the Patagonian Austral Parakeets: Implications for the Evolution of the Psittaciformes Dept. of Biological Sciences
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA
ka4.207 J2.20 T3.05
3/07/2015 Michael Whitehead Matthew Symonds The artifice of flowers: Linking pollinator behaviour to floral evolution College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, Australian National University ka5.303 G1.01 T3.05
10/07/2015     NO SEMINAR    
17/07/2015 Reid Tingley Emily Nicholson Managing the spread of invasive amphibians under uncertainty School of Briosciences, University of Melbourne KE1.207 C1.13 T3.05
24/07/2015 Emily Nicholson Marcel Klaassen Assessing threats to ecosystems: the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems Centre for Integrative Ecology, School of Life and Environmental Sceinces, Deakin University  KE1.207 G1.01 T3.05
31/07/2015 NO SEMINAR – CIE staff meeting #2
7/08/2015 Prof Creagh Breuner Ondi Crino To breed or not to breed: integrating physiology, behavior and fitness to understand life-history transitions Organismal Biology and Ecology, University of Montana, Missoula, USA KE1.207 C1.13 HE3.002
14/08/2015 Dr Mark Warne Marcel Klaassen Palaeo-oceanography of the Bass Strait seaway: driver of marine biogeographic and coastal climatic change Centre for Integrative Ecology, School of Life and Environmental Sciences Faculty of Science Engineering & Built Environment, Deakin University ka5.303 C1.13 T3.05
21/08/2015 Prof Dan Blumstein Mike Weston Conservation Behavior:  A Fearlful Perspective UCLA College, Life Sciences, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology KE1.207 C1.13 T3.05
28/08/2015 Prof David Ayre Craig Sherman Behind anemone lines:   Do anemones fit the predictions of the boldness syndrome School of Biological Sciences, University of Wollongong KE1.207 G1.01 T3.05
4/09/2015 Dr Stephanie Godfrey Lee Ann Rollins Networked lizards: modelling pathways for parasites through host populations Murdoch University KE1.207 C1.13 HE3.002
11/09/2015 Geoff Wescott Matt Symonds Realising the Potential of Universities as Conservation Catalysts – recommendations from a recent study leave to Harvard Forest School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Deakin University ka4.207 C1.13 HE3.002
18/09/2015 Gail Schofield Graeme Hays Sea turtle behaviour, movement and distribution School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Deakin University ka5.303 C1.13 HE3.002
25/09/2015 Kate Umbers John Endler Deimatic displays and the mountain katydid School of Science & Health, University of Western Sydney, NSW KE1.207 C1.13 HE3.002
9/10/2015 Dr Tim Jessop Marcel Klaassen Competition, Coexistence and Conservation: Perspectives from two Varanid Lizards School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Centre for Integrative Ecology, Deakin University KE1.207 C1.13 LT11
16/10/2015 Prof John Wingfield Kate Buchanan Allostatic load and overload: responding to perturbations of the environment in a changing world College of Biological Sciences, University of California, Davis, USA KE1.207 C1.13 T3.05
23/10/2015 Prof Michael Jennions Kate Buchanan Studies of sex and scientists: from theory to data to getting papers published Research School of Biology, The Australian NationalUniversity, Canberra ka3.411 C1.13 LT11 (B1.20)
30/10/2015 Dr Mike Webster  Kate Buchanan Birds not of a feather: Causes and consequences of variable sexual signaling in an Australian bird School of Biology, University of St Andrews  KE1.207 C1.13  LT12
6/11/2015 Dr Theresa Jones John Endler The dark side of light – species and community level impacts of night lighting The School of Biosciences, The University of Melbourne KE1.207 C1.13 HD3.008
13/11/2015 Dr Karen Cheney John Endler Visual signalling in the sea: the function and evolution of animal colour patterns School of Biological Sciences, University of Queensland ka3.406 J2.22 T3.05
20/11/2015 Prof Mark Elgar Andy Bennett Chemical communication: signals, signalers and receivers Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne ka5.303 J2.22 T3.05
27/11/2015   NO SEMINAR    
01/12/2015 (Tuesday) Adjunct Associate Professor Barbara WilsonDr Juan Adeva Deakin Faculty Industry Collaboration Grant:
A Geoinformatic Solution to translating research information to conservation managers
School of Life & Environmental Sciences, Deakin University & Solais Geoinformatics Pty Ltd ka4.207 B3.03  T3.05
4/12/2015 Prof Pierre Deviche Kate Buchanan Stress and the reproductive and metabolic physiology of free-ranging birds School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, USA ka5.303 J2.22 LT 5 (B3.07)
9/12/2015 (Wednesday) Prof Scott Edwards Lee Rollins Using natural experiments and next-generation sequencing to link genotype and phenotype in birds Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology,
Harvard University
Ka3.406 B3.03 T3.05
11/12/2015 Dr Edward Narayan Kate Buchanan Conservation physiology research: new knowledge on animal endocrinology and broad scale physiological responses to environmental challenges School of Animal & Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Science, Charles Sturt University Ka5.303 J2.22 LT5 (B3.07)
18/12/2015     NO SEMINAR – CIE staff final meeting