Seminars 2019

Seminars will be held every Friday, where possible, commencing at 1:30pm.
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As a courtesy, we request that when connecting to the seminar that you mute your microphone unless you are required to speak, this would ensure that the sound from the speaker to the audience is not disrupted by feedback from your microphone – thank you!External visitors – wish to join us and connect to our seminars?
External parties may connect to the live seminar via *N SEBE VMP LES Seminars [ID.36958] via the methods listed below:

Date Speaker Title Organisation
15/02/19 Prof Boris Schroder-Esselbach Trade-offs in coastal ecosystem services, artificial seagrass meadows, and spatio-temporal dynamics of brackish marshes – insights from three German research projects Institute of Geoecology, Department of Landscape Ecology and Environmental Systems, Technische Universitat Braunschweig, Germany
22/02/19 Carolyn Ewers Lewis It’s not easy being blue: Distribution, drivers and distrubance of “Blue Carbon” in southeast Australia School of BioSciences, Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne
1/03/19 Emma Sherratt Morphological Evolution of Sea Snakes School of Biological Sciences, Departmentof Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, The University of Adelaide
8/03/19 Jim-Lino Kammerle Fox hunting for conservation? Grouse, red foxes and the effectiveness of predator control Wildlife Ecology and Management, University of Freiburg, Germany
15/03/19 No seminar
22/03/19 Dr Sonja Wipf Faster, taller, more – patterns and drivers of plant community change on high-alpine mountain summits WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Switzerland
29/03/19 No seminar
5/04/19 No seminar
12/04/19 Prof Stephen Williams Climate change and biodiversity: resilience for an uncertain future College of Science & Engineering, James Cook University, Townsville QLD
19/04/19 No Seminar, Good Friday-Easter
26/04/19 No Seminar, Easter week
3/05/19 Prof Jeff Connor Economic evaluation of emissions reduction fund incentive for land use change, emissions offset and additional co-benefits Centre for Sustainability Governance, University of South Australia, Adelaide
10/05/19 No Seminar
17/05/19 No Seminar
24/05/19 Erica Young Life in Glass Houses: Marine and freshwater travels with silica Department of Biological Sciences, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA
31/05/19 Fjalar de Haan Modelling Transitions to Sustainability University of Melbourne
7/06/19 No Seminar
14/06/19 Dr Iliana Rocio Medina Guzman In living colour: evolution of warning signals across life stages School of BioSciences, Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne
21/06/19 Dr Katherine Moseby Outsmarting the feral cat: reducing predation impacts on Australia’s threatened mammals Centre for Ecosystem Science, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of NSW
28/06/19 Bob Wong Behavioural responses to a changing world: evolutionary and ecological consequences School of Biological Sciences, Monash University
5/07/19 No Seminar, AOC2019, Darwin
12/07/19 Matthew McGee The genomic architecture of explosive speciation and convergent evolution Leader, Fish Biodiversity Group, ARC DECRA Fellow, Monash University
19/07/19 Justin Marshall Vision with and without feet in the Ocean ARC Laureate Fellow,Sensory Neurobiology Group, Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland
26/07/19 Peter Durr When, where and how to release and use CyHV-3 to control carp in Australia Veterinary epidemiologist, Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL)
2/08/19 No Seminar
9/08/19 No Seminar
16/08/19 Dr Chantal Huijbers Digital tools and training for environmental science Biodiversity & Climate Change Virtual Laboratory ecoEd, eResearch Services, Griffith University
23/08/19 Payal Bal Predicting global hotspots of nature-land use conflict The University of Melbourne
30/08/19 Jessica Walsh Evaluating conservation outcomes with evidence and expert elicitation for better decisions: stories of woodland birds, biodiversity offsets and Pacific salmon School of Biological Sciences, Monash University
6/09/19 Jonathan Kok Aerial drone-based hyperspectral imaging case study: coral reef ecosystem mapping Tehcnology Development Engineering Hyperspectral Imaging Specialist, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville, QLD
13/09/19 Prof Shai Meiri Mapping the world’s reptile distributions Curator of land vertebrates, Steinhardt Museun of Natural History, School of Zoology, Tel Aviv University, Israel
20/09/19 No Seminar
27/09/19 No Seminar, AFL Grand Final Holiday
4/10/19 Dr Kate Watermeyer & Dr Chloe Sato Modelling, what is it good for? Supporting ecosystem-based conservation / Life as an ECR: alpine reptiles, agri-environment schemes, biodiversity indicators and ecosystem collapse Centre for Integrative Ecology, Deakin University
11/10/19 No Seminar
18/10/19 Prof Leigh Simmons Sexual selection before and after mating Centre for Evolutionary Biology, Schoolof Biological Sciences, The University of Western Australia, WA
25/10/19 Dr Lee Ann Rollins Genetic and epigenetic drivers of invasion Biological, Earth & Environmental sciences, University of NSW, Sydney
1/11/19 Dr Kay Critchell Using biophysical models in marine management planning Marine Spatial Ecology and Conservation Lab, Centre for Integrative Ecology, Deakin University
8/11/19 Maurizio Rossetto From fruit sizes to genomes: a short history of rainforest diversity in Australia The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney
15/11/19 Robert Magrath Alarm calls, eavesdropping and deception Research School of Biology, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT
22/11/19 Janet Gardner Avian body size and climate change Research School of Biology, The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT
29/11/19 Prof Julian Olden Emerging challenges of aquatic invasive species in the Anthropocene Ecologist, University of Washington
6/12/19 Assoc Prof Dan Friess Mangrove ecosystem services National University of Singapore, UNSW
13/12/19 Dr Andrew Oxley Marine microbiomes in host and ecosystem health: how an improved understanding of the microbiome may support industry and environment management in a changing world School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Deakin University, Geelong