Seminars 2013

Seminars (2013)

Date Speaker Title of Talk University/Organisation Host/s WP room Wrnbl room Bwood room
15/2/2013 Prof Johanna Mappes Evolution and maintenance of variation in antipredatory defences University of Jyvaskyla (Finland) John Endler ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
22/2/2013 Prof Scott McWilliams The fat of the matter (fatty acid nutrition and affects on performance) University of Rhode Island, Kingston Marcel Klaassen ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
1/3/2013  NO SEMINAR
8/3/2013  NO SEMINAR
15/3/2013 Dr Vincent Careau Energy expenditure, Life-history, and Behaviour: variation among species, breeds, and individuals Centre for Integrative Ecology, Deakin University Pete Biro ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
22/3/2013 John Lesku A Bird’s Eye View of Sleep. LaTrobe University Kate Buchanan ka4.207 B3.03 L1.05
5/4/2013 Prof Rose-Marie Muzika Controversies and considerations of fire in eastern North America University of Missouri, USA Andrew Bennett ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
12/4/2013 Beata Ujvari Isolation breeds naivety: island living robs Australian varanid lizards of toad-toxin immunity via four-base-pair mutation. The University of Sydney Christa Beckmann ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
19/4/2013 Brian Fry Tuna Talk: Feeding Ecology and Fish Movement in the Equatorial Pacific Griffith University Ty Matthews ka4.207 B3.03; T3.05
26/4/2013 Dr Nick Murphy Conserving evolutionary relics: invertebrate diversity in desert springs La Trobe University Craig Sherman ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
3/5/2013     NO SEMINAR – CIE STAFF MEETING #1   ka4.207 B3.03 L1.05
10/5/2013 Prof Simon Griffith Conflict and cooperation in social monogamy Macquarie University, Sydney Kate Buchanan/ATD Bennett ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
17/5/2013 Prof Katherine Belov Can we save the Tasmanian devil from extinction? The University of Sydney Lee-Anne Rollins ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
24/5/2013 Winthrop Prof Gary Kendrick UWA Marine Ecology Group’s recent focus The University of Western Australia Alecia Bellgrove ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
31/5/2013 Chris Austin Ecogenomics: What can the latest revolution in DNA sequencing do for ecologists? Monash University Paul Jones ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
14/6/2013 Phil Taylor Stealth and subterfuge in the predatory strategies of spider-hunting assassin bugs Macquarie University, Sydney Matt Symonds ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
21/6/2013 Michael Bode Larval dispersal in reef fishes: from ecology to economics University of Melbourne Dale Nimmo ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
28/6/2013 Janet Gardner Body size and climate change: insights from Australian birds Monash University Matt Symonds ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
5/7/2013 Prof Anna Lindholm Selfish genes in house mice University of Zurich, Switzerland Lee Ann Rollins ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
12/7/2013  NO SEMINAR
19/7/2013      NO SEMINAR
26/7/2013  NO SEMINAR
2/8/2013 Prof Rod Connolly Fish can swim: the critical role of connectivity in ecosystem resilience Griffith University, QLD Andy TD Bennett ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
9/8/2013  NO SEMINAR
16/8/2013  NO SEMINAR
23/8/2013 NO SEMINAR
30/8/2013     NO SEMINAR – CIE STAFF MEETING #2   ka4.207 J2.19 T3.05
6/9/2013 Dr Euan Ritchie Nature red in tooth and claw: An update on my predator research Deakin University Euan Ritchie ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
13/9/2013 Dr Michelle Hall Personalities’ in superb fairy-wrens: Do they have them, and what difference does it make? University of Melbourne John Endler ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
20/9/2013 Ben Phillips James Cook University, QLD Euan Ritchie ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
27/9/2013 Dr Peter Macredie Human and climate impacts on seagrass ecosystems’ Universityof Technology, Sydney Craig Sherman ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
4/10/2013  NO SEMINAR
11/10/2013 Dr Leonie Valentine Ecosystem services of Australias’ digging marsupials University of Western Australia Euan Ritchie ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
18/10/2013 Damien Fordham University of Adelaide Euan Ritchie ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
1/11/2013 Clare Holleley Sex in Dragons: Do lizards with temperature dependent sex-determination also have cryptic sex chromosomes? University of Canberra Lee-Anne Rollins ka4.207 B3.03 L1.05
8/11/2013 Dr Brett Murphy Using carbon to pay for fire management and biodiversity conservation in northern Australia’s savannas’ Melbourne University Dale Nimmo ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
15/11/2013 NO SEMINAR
22/11/2013 Prof Richard Hobbs Effective ecosystem interventions: puzzles and possibilities The University of Western Australia Euan Ritchie ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
29/11/2013 Sam Banks “How does wildfire affect the genetic diversity and demography of mammal populations?” The Australian National University Euan Ritchie ka4.207 B3.03 T3.05
6/12/2013     NO SEMINAR – FINAL CIE STAFF MEETING #3   ka4.207 J2.19 T3.05
13/12/2013 NO SEMINAR