Yaara Aharon-Rotman

Yaara Aharon Rotman

Email yaara.rotman@deakin.edu.au
Phone N/A
Campus Geelong Waurn Ponds
Supervisor Marcel Klaassen
Bill Buttemer

Thesis title
Challenges within the annual cycle of long-distance migratory waders along the East-Asian Australasian Flyway

Research interests
1. Avian migration
2. Conservation Physiology
3. Predator-prey interactions in the Arctic ecosystem
4. Stopover ecology


Key publications

Aharon-Rotman, Y., Gosbel, K., Minton, C., Klaassen ,M (2016). “Why fly the extra mile? Latitudinal trend in migratory fuel deposition rate as driver of trans-equatorial long distance migration”. Ecology & Evolution,6(18), 6616-6624. DOI: 10.1002/ece3.2388
Aharon-Rotman, Y., Buchanan, K., Clark N. J., Buttemer, W., Klaassen, M. (2016). “Why fly the extra mile? Using stress biomarkers to assess wintering habitat quality in migratory shorebirds”, Oecologia, Available online 25 June 2016. Link to abstract.

Aharon-Rotman, Y., Bauer, S., Klaassen, M. (2015). “A chain is as strong as its weakest link: assessing the consequences of habitat loss and degradation in a long-distance migratory shorebird”, EMU Austral Ornithology. Available online 21 December 2015. Link to abstract.

Aharon-Rotman, Y., Buchanan, K., Klaassen, M., Buttemer, W. (2015). “An experimental examination of interindividual variation in feather corticosterone content in the house sparrow, Passer domesticus in southeast Australia”,  General and Comparative Endocrinology. Available online 14 December 2015. DOI:10.1016/j.ygcen.2015.12.010.

Aharon-Rotman, Y., Soloviev, M., Minton, C., Tomkovich, P., Hassell, C., Klaassen, M. (2014). “Loss of periodicity in breeding success of waders links to changes in lemming cycles in Arctic ecosystems”, Oikos. 26 September 2014. DOI: 10.1111/oik.01730.

Tal A., Aharon Y., Yuhas-Peled H. (2010).”The Relative Advantages of Criminal Versus Administrative Environmental Enforcement Actions in Israel”. Journal of Environmental Monitoring. 12:813-821. DOI: 10.1039/B919960H. (a report on the above publication was submitted to the Ministry of Environment, Jerusalem, Israel, February, 2009)

2014 Australian Wildlife Society’s University Student Grants Scheme